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          So many products are used in the process of converting or upgrading a passenger bus to a comfortable and functional custom coach. The products listed here are definitely worth your time and consideration for your castle on wheels.

Ultra 8

     Know the correct level in all your holding tanks! The Ultra 8 uses non-contact sensors that mount externally on holding tanks and read water levels through the tank wall. Conventional systems use probes or floats inside the tanks which quickly become clogged or corroded and send false signals to the panel.
Fastening Products

        Rivets, glues, and special tape are just of few of the products now utilize in the process of reskinning a coach. Which is best for your application? Please Email me with your input with these products and I will share them here on CCC.  Some of the new passenger coaches are using composite materials.

     BOB SANFORD OF COACH WORKS OF CALIFORNIA - "Before coating the roof of our coach the interior temperature exceeded 100 degrees. The ceiling was so hot I couldn’t keep my hand on it. After spraying Thermal-Coat, the temperature inside dropped almost 25-degrees, and the metal ceiling was comfortable to touch." (May 1998 issue Bus Conversion Mag.)

     CHRIS AND CHERYL CHRISTENSEN GM-4905 CUSTOM CONVERSION - "Bottom line, I would strongly recommend Thermal Coat to anyone who wants to insulate any portion of a coach, be it outside, top, bottom, engine compartment, you name it.  If I ever do another coach I can guarantee that I will again apply Thermal Coat."

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