This web site is devoted to 
the Imerina country and the 
of Madagascar, a people of the nusantarian (malayo-indonesian) world. 


From here you can browse through a wealth of ancient and new literature written in the Merina native language - a.k.a. Malagasy - or in French about the Merina history, culture, and its present socio-political position within the multi-ethnic people of Madagascar. Press   F5   to replay the background sound of VALIHA, a Merina musical instrument made out of a long cylindrical piece of bamboo.

Tantara ny Andriana
Language: Merina
Merina and French
    Valin- kitsaka!   
Firenena MERINA
Merina and English 
This 1200+ pages document is the History of the Merina kingdoms, collected by F. Callet in 1868-1881 from local scribes. It recounts the origin of the Merina nation, cites the genealogy of its successive rulers, describes abundantly the Merina customs and tradition, and is filled with illustrative war anecdotes and ethnic lores. A collection of articles dealing with the Merina cultural heritage, and calling for the revival of the Merina people as a genuine nation. An expert presentation of the term "Nusantara", "Merina", and "Malgache" (Malagasy) is given here. The history of the struggles for the independence in Madagascar is being reviewed and rewritten.  This 224 pages manifesto was written in the wake of the loss of the Royal Palace and shrines to arsonists. As suggested by its author Ratrimonimerina, this ought to be "The book of the Merina renaissance" after surviving France's deliberate attempts of ethnocide for a century.
ISBN 0-9671137-0-9
(Prefaced in English)
The e-Newsletter of the Merina Nation, with a link to a directory of selected news articles.
--- MISSING ---
This Newsletter has been discontinued due to the unknown whereabouts of the main contributor to this site - the author of "Valin-kitsaka!".   Missing since December 2000.

A sample of 101 words
showing the affinities between Malayo-Polynesian languages, including Merina, Malay,
Maanyan, Tagalog, Ilocano, Cebuano, Bunun, Chamoru, Tongan, Samoan, Maori, Hawaiian.


Presented by Andriantefinanahary & Yanariak at the first ever international
meeting of Melayu scholars hosted in Madagascar, October 1997.


Local Knowledge of Madagascar's Wildlife
Understanding the significance of cultural heritage attached to the local's knowledge
of the natural environment, the purpose of this website is to maintain and to share
the native names of Madagascar's animal and plant species.

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