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  Timon & Pumbaa

GENUS PEDIGREE: Meercat & Warthog
KNOWN ALIASES: Berkowitz (Timon's last name).
KNOWN PETS: unknown
CITIZENSHIP: The Serengeti, Africa.
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Simba the Lion King; Nala; Zazu; Rafiki; Bampuu & Monti; Toucan Dan; Speedy the Snail.
KNOWN RIVALS: ("modifier") Quint; Skar; Bonsai, Shenzi & Ed the Hyenas; Fred the Meercat.

1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "The Lion King" (July 1994); "Disney Comic Hits" #2 (Marvel - Nov., 1995) in "Bruisin' for a Cruisin'."
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "The Lion King" (June 15, 1994); Regulars in "The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa" series (Sep. 1995).
VOICE ACTOR: Nathan Lane (Timon in "The Lion King" and "Timon & Pumbaa"); Quinton Flynn (Timon in "Timon & Pumbaa"); Kevin Schon (Timon in "Timon & Pumbaa"); Ernie Sabella (Pumbaa in "The Lion King" and "Timon & Pumbaa").
SIGNATURE: "Hakuna Matata!"
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: A meerkat and a warthog, respectively, they are the "no worries" sidekicks of Simba the Lion King living life to it's fullest in Africa's Serengeti. After their immensely popular debut in the film "The Lion King," they became the spokesanimals for nutritional spots in a joint venture between WDTA and the US Department of Agriculture. Later they graduated to their own comicbooks and WDTA series in 1995 as part of the Disney Afternoon. Originally dubbed "'Round the World with Timon & Pumbaa" it was later changed to "The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa" (see also D.T.A.). These "bestest best friends" (as they affectionately refer to eachother) first met before they encountered Simba. Pumbaa was originally banished from his "sounder" (a warthog colony) because of his inablility to control his noticably foul oders. His former girlfriend, Shalla (leader of the Warthogs), and and the others voted to have Pumbaa permanently exiled. Timon's tale began in an ordinary meerkat colony where it is the responsibitilty of every member to have a job which they take very seriously. It was Timon and his best friend, Fred's job to guard the back gate to the walled city and the castle's entrance (respectively), where they are to warn of danger from approaching predators. One fateful day, while daydreaming about the Princess Tatiana, Fred awakened Timon and challenged him to let the King's daughter know of his true feelings for her. At first he protested, saying he had a job to perform, but Fred convinced him that the King was gone for the day and Tatiana was all alone. Timon then left his post unguarded to purchase flowers and chocolate covered bugs for his ladylove. Meanwhile, a large cobra slithered in through the back gate and entered the colony. The cobra terrified the colony and eventually snatched Tatiana and left. Believing her to be dead, the colony voted to have Timon expelled from the group. While wandering though the jungle he stumbled upon the lair of three hyenas (Shenzi, Bonzai, and Ed). He also discovered a tied up Warthog who was to be the hyenas' next meal. After freeing the Warthog named Pumbaa, the two of them defeated the hyenas and then stumbled upon the lair of the Cobra who had still not eaten the Princess Tatiana. Together they defeated the Cobra, freed the princess and returned her to the colony. In gratitude the Meerkat King offered Timon wealth, his daughter's hand in marriage and full reinstatement of his colony membership. Timon ask for the outcast Pumbaa to be granted full colony membership as well. The king refused and gave Timon the choice between everything hie's ever wanted, or a life outside of the colony with Pumbaa. Timon chose Pumbaa. Pumbaa became concerned about Timon's possible future regrets for his rash decision, but Timon told him, "...from this day forward neither one of us are going to worry about anything again!" To which Pumbaa replied, "No worries for the rest of our days!" And they called their ne life philosophy "Hakuna Matata" ("Disney Comic Hits" #14 in the tale "Timon & Pumbaa: Once Upon a Timon" - Nov. 1996). One day when Pumbaa and Timon responded to a distress call from the sounder. The sounder was surrounded by voracious Guinea fowls, the warthog's natural enemies and worst nightmare. Eventually Timon and Pumbaa were able expell the birds and save the sounder's supply of bugs, and Pumbaa was asked to return to the sounder's family. Pumbaa refused, opting to remain with his bestest best friend, Timon, in a life of fun and adventure ("Timon & Pumbaa" episode "Home is Where the Hog is"). More recently Timon & Pumbaa befriended another outcast, they young lion Prince Simba. They taught Simba to free himself of the burdens of life and to eat bugs (instead of things like meerkats and warthogs). The three were inseperable. As an adult lion Simba had thought he put his past behind him, but at the bidding of Simba's betrothed, the Princess Nala, he returned to his Pride (a lion colony). There he learned from his wicked uncle Skar the truth about his father's death (which he incorrectly believed was his own fault). With Timon & Pumbaa's help he faught, defeated, and then banished his uncle from the Pride (Disney's "The Lion King"). Timon & Pumbaa remained friends with Simba and welcome guests of the Pride, but returned to thier life of "Hakuna Matata" by adventuring around the world. Quite often Timon and Pumbaa are harassed by a human named Quint.
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