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 Launchpad McQuack

KNOWN RELATIVES: Ripchord (father); Birdie (mother); Loopy (sister).
KNOWN PETS: unknown
CITIZENSHIP: Previous: Duckburg, USA. Current: St. Canard, USA
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: $crooge McDuck; Huey, Dewey & Louie; Doofus Drake; Webby; Drake "DarkWing Duck" Mallard; Gosalyn; Honker; the Justice Ducks.
KNOWN RIVALS: Magica de Spell; Beagle Boys; Flintheart Glomgold; F.O.W.L. Agents; Nega-Duck and the Fearsome Five.
PARAPHERNALIA: Bomber jacket, scarf & aviator goggles.

1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "DuckTales" (Oct. 1988 - Gladstone Comics).
1st FILM APPEARANCE: Regular on the "DuckTales" since the 2 hr. television special and 5-part serial "DuckTales: Treasure of the Golden Suns" (Sep. 18, 1987), and "DarkWing Duck" (Sep. 7, 1991).
VOICE ACTOR: Terrence "Terry" McGovern
SIGNATURE: "Any crash you can walk away from is a good crash!"
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Strutting, virile-voiced, tall, strapping pilot who runs Launchpad Limited from an airfield in Duckburg. He dresses like a 1930s aviator, complete with cap, goggles, scarf, bomber jacket, leather breeches and boots. Once a family member of a barn-stormer troupe, "The Flying McQuacks," he was hired as Uncle $crooge's personal pilot. No one is sure if Launchpad is an ex-military pilot or an Amazon bush flyer. He has a gift with vehicles - if it moves, he can drive it (he just has trouble keeping it from crashing). Currently DarkWing Duck's pilot, sidekick and confidant. Occasionally serves as Huey, Dewey & Louie's Junior Woodchucks Scout Master. The chubby young woodchuck named Doofus Drake is Launchpad's biggest fan.
LITTLE KNOWN SECRETS: Check out Launchpad's "Little Black Book" (a.k.a. the secret loves of Launchpad McQuack).
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