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  Kit Cloudkicker

KNOWN ALIASES: "Li'l Britches" (Baloo's nickname for Kit).
KNOWN PETS: unknown
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Baloo Bear; Rebecca & Molly Cunningham; Wildcat.
KNOWN RIVALS: Shere Kahn; Don Karnage; Col. Spigot.

1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "Disney's TaleSpin Limited Series: Take Off" #1 (Jan. 1991); "Disney's TaleSpin" #1 (June 1991)
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "TaleSpin: Plunder and Lightening" 2 hr. television special (Sep. 7, 1990); which launched the series "Tale Spin."
VOICE ACTOR: R.J. Williams
SIGNATURE: unknown
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Kit Cloudkicker was a young orphan bearcub forced to grow up far too early. He's tough and street smart, as well as having a lot of common sense. For a time, after running away from the orphanage, Kit fell into Don Karnage's Air Pirate gang where he stayed for a year before realizing it was not the life he wanted to live. When Karnage stole the a manufactured crystal stone (a sub-electronic amplifier) from Kahn Industries to power his Lightning Gun, Kit saw his chance to escape from Karnage's Pirate Island. Snatching the stone Kit hitched a ride using his ňair-foil' (a boomerang-shaped surfboard), and a harpoon gun on a passing plane, and soon found himself in Louie's, a lounge and way-station often patronized by pilots. However, Kit was pursued by the Air Pirate and during the confusion Kit hooked up with Baloo Bear and the two became fast friends, and soon began calling each other "Pappa Bear" and "Li'l Britches" (nicknames formerly used by Mowgli and Baloo in "The Jungle Book"). Baloo took Kit back to his shoreside residence, which is actually the office of his deeply indebted "Baloo's Air Service," only to find that the deed to the property had been recovered by a she-bear named Rebecca Cunningham. After meeting Rebecca and her daughter, Molly, Kit began longing for a "real" family and it became quite apparent that he viewed Baloo and Rebecca as surrogate parents, and Molly as the kid sister he never had. Kit's special talents and his knowledge of Karnage's secret volcano hideout helped solve the problem of the pirates and the Lightning Gun. Since Kit has very good directional sense, he became Baloo's first mate and navigator, in Rebecca's newly renamed cargo air service, "Higher for Hire." He tends to be the responsible influence in Baloo's life. Enjoys surfing the clouds on his air-foil, tethered to the Sea Duck. He always wears a well worn green sweater, and a backwards baseball cap. See also the DTA entry under "Disney's TaleSpin."
LITTLE KNOWN SECRETS: Kit loves Baloo like a father.
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