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 Big Bad Wolf

GENUS PEDIGREE: Anthropomorphized wolf
KNOWN ALIASES: Zeke Midas Wolf
KNOWN RELATIVES: Li'l Bad, Three Little Wolves (sons); Grandpa Wolf (father); Grandmaw Wolf (mother); Izzy, Walter (nephews); Stef Wolf (brother); Meana (niece?).
KNOWN PETS: unknown
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Stef Wolf; Br'er Bear; Br'er Fox.
KNOWN RIVALS: Three Little Pigs.

1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "Four Color" #52 in "Silly Symphonies: The Further Adventures of the Three Little Pigs" (Jan. 1936).
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "Three Little Pigs" (May 27, 1933).
VOICE ACTOR: Billy Bletcher
SIGNATURE: "I'll huff and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house down."
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: A big and not-so-bright wolf who constantly seeks to catch and eat the Three Little Pigs. Soundly out-witted by the vastly superior cunning of Practical Pig, Zeke (Big Bad) is obsessed with their demise. Having three sons, called, of course, the Three Little Wolves, in several films, they try to follow in their father's footsteps, but are also summarily defeated. In comics we are introduced to only one son who goes by the name of Li'l Bad Wolf. This son, however, is kind and friendly with the Three Little Pigs, much to Zeke's dismay. However, Zeke's brother Stef (Zeb) and Stef's son, Izzy Wolf, occassionally visit and plot to help Li'l Bad change his goodie-goodie ways. Like Bad Pete, Zeke Wolf has terrorized nearly every "good" character in Disney comics, and, on occassion, has even teamed-up with Pete, Mad Madam Mim, the Beagle Boys, Capt'n Hook (from "Peter Pan"), The Witch (from "Snow White") and others.
HISTORICAL FACTS: The Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pig were some of the first characters to become superstars and rate sequential cartoons and comic book stories of their own.
LITTLE KNOWN SECRETS: In the films Big Bad Wolf has three sons, all of which fallow his carnivorous nature, but in comics he only has one, but he does have a brother, Stef, who has several vicious little wolf cubs, and perhaps a daughter too (Meana, who was apparently corrupted by Li'l Bad).
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