Date: Wed, April 18, 2012 8:59 am

Subject: [behave] SLC experience



José Rangel and I attended yesterday's Stakeholder Leadership Committee (SLC) meeting, where County M.H. is advised on how to spend MHSA funds (now in the $45M range). Maria Fuentes, Pres. of the SJECCD Board of Trustees, and Senior Adult Systems of Care Manager for Santa Clara Co. M.H. Division, was not present. We were informed that many of the clinician-managers were attending a "national meeting."

This was the first SLC meeting under the "new arrangement." The mission of MHCA is to "get the mental health system to behave," in the interests of culture change in mental health. By the end of the meeting, it was evident the people running the meeting (including the M.H. Director and the Chair of the M.H. Board) were being engaged as though there was a "behavior problem." In the end, the Director gave the Board Chair a stern lecture on his "management behavior." [!]

Apparently the MHCA is "doing business." The underlying promise of "culture change" remains to be engaged.

The MHCA is meeting tomorrow (Thursday) 4PM to 5PM in SC-104. ..


ABO "Andrew Behavior Object"
President, MHCA