Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
Jack Hickey
San Mateo County
Community College District
Board of Trustees

Election Nov. 6, 2001


The following "hit piece" was funded by a $2,500
contribution from:
Committee to re-elect Jim Hartnett (I.D. 940672)
Concerned Citizens for Good Government (I.D. 1238906)
Jim Hartnett)

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My thanks to Matt Leipzig for his timely reporting of this scurrilous act!
Clearly, Mr. hartnett doesn't like the message, and is attacking the Messenger!

Voters should be aware that the League of Women Voters website
""  has links to my website and bio page. 

Also, Mr. Raymond Bell, the Sequoia UHSD candidate,
who's character was also impugned by this negative political mailing,
served on the Site Council of John Gill school where his children attended.


Two years ago, I announced:

The Bond is Dead!
The vocal minority (10.55%)   was defeated

Thank You for the NO Vote in 1999!!!

Now this arrogant bunch,
emboldened by the unfortunate reduction of the historical 2/3 vote to 55%,
has upped the ante to $207,000,000.00.

I urge a NO vote on Measure C

Read the ballot arguments at:
League of Women Voters - SmartVoter

Once again, the Members of the Board, are active in the
political campaign run by Citizen's for Higher Education,

And, once again, they have prevailed upon the Tax-exempt
San Mateo County Community College District Foundation
to "donate $40,000" to political efforts supporting Measure C.

Foundation Executive Director, Darwin Patnode, cited this questionable action
by the Foundation Board as his reason for not continuing in that position.

Georgi LaBerge,  the new "politically connected" Executive Director of the Foundation,
does not answer the phone when I call.

Georgi, all I want to know, is which members of the Foundation Board
voted to use Foundation funds for this political activity?
Thank you Georgi (see excerpt of Foundation Minutes)

Citizen's for Higher Education

In addition to the $40,000 extracted from the Foundation,
this committee has reported an additional $118,880 in monetary contributions this calendar year.
Of that sum, $2,305 was was from contributions less than $100.
Major contributors, in addition to the expected "dues"
from college administrators($7725)
political cronies($750)
Educators ($1750)
etc., are:
DES Architects -------------------------------------$20,000
Morgan Stanley (New York, NY)----------------- $20,000
CMS Energy (a Kansas based company)---------- $10,000
tBP Architecture (Concord)--------------------------$7,500
AFT Local 1493 -------------------------------------$6,000
Foundation Board Members and family ------------$4,250
Sujimura & Associates, Architects (Campbell) ----$2,500
Cianfichi Architecture and Planning (Walnut Creek) $2,500
San Mateo Credit Union -------------------------------$1,000
Bayview Painting -------------------------------------- $2,500
Beth Hunkapillar (Trustee, San Carlos Bd. of Ed.----$5,000
Rinne & Peterson (Palo Alto) -------------------------$1,500
Cargill Salt (Newark) ---------------------------------$1,000
David Evans and Associates (Portland)-------------- $1,000
Andy's Roofing (Mountain View) ---------------------$1,000
Gonsalves and Stronck Construction ------------------$2,500
Strata Information Grp(San Diego)Frank Vaskelis -- $1,000
Local 467 ------------------------------------------------$1,000
I & A Engineering (San Jose) -----------------------------$500
Integrated Design Associates (Santa Clara)------------ $1,000
M.H. Podell Co. --------------------------------------------$500

Read Jack's 1999 Candidate Statement
SMCCCD had a $148,000,000.00 Bond Measure on the ballot!!!
Find out who wanted to raise your Property Taxes?
See Ballot Arguments and Facts


Results of November 2, 1999 Election

  Total %Adult %Regist. %Cast %Bond %Board
Candidate Votes Pop. Voters Ballots Vote Vote
KAREN SCHWARZ 45,695 8.46% 14.33% 50.36% 52.61% 67.93%
PATRICIA MILJANICH 40,915 7.58% 12.84% 45.09% 47.11% 60.83%
THOMAS L. CONSTANTINO 40,014 7.41% 12.55% 44.10% 46.07% 59.49%
JOHN J. "JACK" HICKEY 22,757 4.21% 7.14% 25.08% 26.20% 33.83%
TULLIO "TIL" BERTINI 18,359 3.40% 5.76% 20.23% 21.14% 27.29%
ROBERT BENTLEY 17,455 3.23% 5.48% 19.24% 20.10% 25.95%
MARGRET BUCKLEY SCHMIDT 16,603 3.07% 5.21% 18.30% 19.12% 24.68%
Total Adult Population 540,000          
Total # Reg. Voters 318,772          
Votes Cast for Board Members/3 67,266 12.46% 19.39% 74.13% 77.45%  
Yes on "A"($148,000,000 Bond) 56,989 10.55% 16.32% 62.81% 65.61%  
No on "A" ($148,000,000 Bond) 29,865 5.53% 8.69% 32.91% 34.39% Measure A loses!
Total on "A"($148,000,000 Bond) 86,854 16.08% 25.01% 95.72% 100.00%  
Total Ballots Cast 90,739 16.80% 28.47% 100.00%    
Vocal Minority (10.55%)  defeated in their effort to raise property taxes!

Is the Foundation for SMCCCD risking it's tax-exempt status?
Question Authority - Are the SMCCCD Trustees abusing theirs?
SMCCCD claims PR mailing list  (to voters?)is trade secret!
Read their contract with Bay Relations.
Who is Bay Relations Assignee Winning Directions?

This page was originally  by Jack Hickey on Friday, November 17, 1999.  Updated on October 29, 2001