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Time to fix education in California!
LPSM Recruits 3 Candidates for Board of Education
  Jack Hickey faces off against Ted Lempert

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Education in California: Changing Our Focus
Jack Hickey

Beware of Prop. 38 the Trojan horse voucher

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I Have Only Begun to Fight

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Jack Hickey
Research Scientist
Choice in Education
Pro-Life / Pro-Family
Opposed to Force and Fraud
Supports Subsidiarity
Supports Limited Government

Candidate for State Senate
11th District

The 11th State Senate District seat is held by incumbent Democrat Byron Sher. 
See 1996 election results   Visit Byron Sher's website

Jack supports a right to life, and the right to protect it.  And, Jack Hickey supports the limits placed by Jarvis and Gann on taxes and government spending!  Mr. Hickey supports limits on taxpayer subsidized "Government Speech" used to influence elections.

Jack's views on Rights

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Join Milton Friedman, William F. Buckley and others
in denouncing the failed "war on drugs".
Reject the socialist "village cult" which
pre-empts family rights and responsibilities!

Let's create a government we don't have to think about!
Government that doesn't even know our name
Abolish the IRS.
Get government OUT of education!

Compulsory attendance laws don't belong in a free society!
They are a major contributor to violence in high schools.

Support free speech

Control taxpayer subsidized government speech
(a.k.a. Political Advocacy)



Jack Hickey is also a candidate

In the November, 2002 Election
Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District

Board of Directors

Representing - Menlo Park, Woodside, Portola Valley, Atherton, Emerald Hills, FairOaks

Would you like to see some changes made?

Click here for Jack's MROSD Campaign page.


About Jack Hickey

Jack Hickey is a retired Senior Research Scientist and Inventor from Redwood City. He is currently involved in two campaigns for public office.  See Jack Hickey in 2000, 2002.

Hickey was a Goldwater/Reagan Republican as well as a former "United We Stand" member supporting Ross Perot. He has engaged in "ad-hoc" political activity since the 1960's.

In 1965, Jack led a successful "Referendum" campaign against Urban Renewal in Hawthorne, California. Abuse of "eminent domain" powers was an issue then as it is today. Currently Mr. Hickey sees recent abuses by the Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District in their use of eminent domain for open-space land acquisition as something needing legislative attention.

Some may remember Jack Hickey's attempt to qualify a "Performance Voucher Initiative", endorsed by Milton Friedman, for the ballot in 1980. Mr. Hickey was a guest on numerous radio talk shows, including the Owen Spann show in San Francisco, Michael Jackson and George Putnam in Los Angeles, and Rod Page in San Diego. Jack also appeared as a guest on "People Are Talking" in San Francisco, and the Von Wilmot Show in Sacramento.  Seeking LPC endorsement, Jack went to the Libertarian Convention in Orange County to watch Mark Hinkle present a resolution for endorsement. Unfortunately, a "call for a quorum" late in the session put an end to that effort (sound familiar?).

In 1982 Jack Hickey was a candidate in the crowded Republican primary for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by S.I. Hayakawa.

In 1984, Jack, the Republican nominee, challenged Tom Lantos for his seat in Congress. On a $5000 budget, he garnered 29% of the vote. Mr. Hickey had an earlier encounter with Mr. Lantos in a PTA sponsored debate on the Hickey-Canfield Performance Voucher Initiative in 1979. Lantos was a spokesman for the illustrious CTA, nemesis of education reform.

1991 - San Mateo County voters may remember Jack from his successful "taxpayer advocate" campaigns in the early 90's, most notably the smashing defeat of Measure A. With the help of June Genis, Lyn Sapowsky-Smith, Ray Bell and other Libertarians, the powerful education monopoly was defeated. Jack appeared in a "one-on-one" with Supervisor Tom Huening on KCSM's "Legal Currents".

In 1993, Jack was an active supporter of Proposition 174, the Parental Choice Voucher Initiative. He ran for State Senate in the special election to replace Senator Becky Morgan, and used the candidate forums to counter anti-voucher arguments from his opponents.  One notable opponent in that race was Tom Campbell, who fell out of favor with Milton Friedman when he turned against Prop. 174.   The $23 million dollar campaign AGAINST that measure by the CTA is a major reason why Jack supported Proposition 226. Teachers should have a political choice not dictated by the "power brokers" controlling the CTA.

In 1994, Mr. Hickey served as a "taxpayer's advocate"on the San Mateo County Park and Recreation Department's "Alternative Funding Committee". His "Minority Report" , which recommends "revenue producing" land use as an alternative to myriad tax schemes is public record.

In 1998, Jack Hickey garnered 22% of the vote in a three way race for a seat on the MidPeninsula Regional Open Space District.  Abuse of Eminent Domain was the primary focus of that campaign.

In Nov. 1999, Mr. Hickey successfully parlayed a run for the San Mateo County Community College District Board of Trustees into defeat of a well-financed Bond Measure.  And, while not winning, captured a substantial part of the vote for Trustee..

Choice and Consequences

Individual choice and responsibility are key elements of Jack's campaign. "Choice and Consequences" is his main theme. The natural consequences of self-inflicted harm caused by irrational choices is punishment enough. Laws which impose additional penalties (and fill our jails) should be repealed. Crime will drop as the "black market" for commodities disappears. The keyword is "decriminalization".

Jack Hickey on Education

It is a parent's responsibility to feed clothe and shelter their children. "Feeding a child's mind" should also be parents responsibility. Government has usurped that responsibility. We must restore parental control by eliminating an education system which incarcerates children in "government institutions of learning".(see voucher solution endorsed by Milton Friedman). Also see Dave Barulich's CHARTER STUDENT INITIATIVE

Jack Hickey on the Budget Surplus
Letter to San Jose Mercury News

Jack Hickey on Women's(and men's) Rights
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This site is maintained by Jack Hickey hisself, his first of many to come!

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