Brief History of MidPeninsula Regional Park District(MRPD)

August 1971 San Mateo County(SMC) Board of Supervisors(BOS) voted against creation of MRPD in their section of the midpeninsula.

March 1976 MRPD Board of Directors adopted Order to annex 81,500 acres of SMC land including the cities of Woodside, Portola Valley, San Carlos, Redwood City, Menlo Park, Atherton and certain adjoining unicorporated lands.

June 1976 Voters responded with 23.7% yes, 21.7% no with 54% ABSTAINING.
Not exactly a MANDATE!!

Redwood City vote was 17% yes, 21.7% no with 61.3% abstaining.
San Carlos vote was 20.7% yes, 23.2% no with 56.1% abstaining.
Woodside vote was 25.2% yes, 28.9% no with 45.9% abstaining.

1977 MRPD underwent "name change" to become MidPeninsula Regional Open Space District(MROSD) to reflect a de-emphasis on PARKS and Recreational activities

MROSD has failed to support BOS efforts to create golf courses in the Southern Watershed area and at Edgewood Park. They were instrumental in the re-classification of Edgewood Park as a Natural Preserve. Handicapped access is now unlikely.

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