Jack's Budget deficit solution.

Education:  PAVE2000 w/sales tax phaseout.
Available at U. C. Hastings Law Library
In California Ballot Initiatives Database, Enter Attorney General # SA2000RF0006

See: Blue Voucher Brochure (1979)

John J. "Jack" Hickey
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Libertarian Candidate for Governor
"That government is best which governs least”   Henry David Thoreau

I do not seek to be "Governor of the People"
I will govern Agencies which "We the People" have created,
and facilitate the dissolution of those whose charters have expired.


John J. "Jack " Hickey, Healthcare District Director, is a Libertarian Candidate for Governor in the recall Election to be held on October, 7, 2003.  

Mr. Hickey is a native New Yorker, who left his birthplace on Long Island to join the Navy in 1953, parlayed his Navy Electronics background into a rewarding career in Electronics and Electro-Optics in California. Mr. Hickey holds 28 patents in those technologies.

Jack Hickey held the title of Laser Scientist at Optics Technology in Palo Alto in 1969. In the early 70’s he was Chief Electronics Engineer for Semi-conductor equipment maker Hugle Industries which became Unicorp. It was there that he met his current wife JoLene.  They live in Emerald Hills where they have enjoyed their extended families including children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

In the 1980’s Hickey was a Senior Research Scientist and Electro-optic Group Leader with Dalmo Victor in Belmont.

Over the years, Mr. Hickey has been actively involved in politics, as an advocate for limited government, local control and education reform.

In 1979/80, while promoting his original Performance Voucher Initiative, Jack Hickey was a guest on People are Talking , Owen Spann, Michael Jackson(KABC), Rod Page (San Diego) , etc. 

Hickey campaigned statewide in the Republican Primary in 1982 as a candidate for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by S. I. Hayakawa, addressing the Republican Convention in Monterey, and numerous forums of the Republican Women Federated including a large gathering in Santa Barbara..  He is author and proponent of PAVE2000, a Performance Accountability Voucher for Education.

In 1984, Jack Hickey was the Republican Candidate for Congress who ran against Tom Lantos.  While holding a full-time job and spending less than $5,000, Jack garnered ~ 29% of the vote.

Jack Hickey currently enjoys a seat on the Sequoia Healthcare District Board of Directors to which he was recently elected, and is Chair of the San Mateo County Libertarian Party.

As Governor, John J. "Jack" Hickey would seek to_Govern the Agencies created by the People_and by their representatives, and reduce governance_of_the people.  His goal is to restore responsibility and authority, and thereby self-esteem, to the people.  

Mr. Hickey would seek legislation to facilitate the dissolution of "Special Districts", including the Sequoia Healthcare District, which are no longer performing the function for which they were created.

Jack Hickey proposes that the assets of these Districts, estimated to be nearly $20 Billion, be loaned to the State to resolve the budget crunch, and restore the State's credit rating.  Additionally, the taxes being collected by these agencies could be loaned to the State to refinance current indebtedness at a better rate.  Such loans MUST be repaid to the Districts, and eventually to the property owners to whom they accrue.

Mr. Hickey has a long range plan (20 years) involving Education reform (PAVE 2000).   According to a summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Sales of public schools could generate one-time revenues potentially exceeding $100 billion. Measure could also result in annual long-term savings approaching $100 billion for elimination of public support of K-12 education; capital outlay savings to state and local governments of as much as $1 billion annually; and potential loss of federal funds in the billions of dollars annually.  This plan includes a phase-out of the Sales Tax.

Jack Hickey website: www.GovHickey.com

Contact: Jack Hickey (650) 368-5722 or Jack@GovHickey.com




Local control starts with individuals and their natural and acquired resources, including pockets.  This, of course, presumes that your pockets have been filled by legitimate gainful employment of your resources _ physical, mental and financial_.   Legitimacy accrues to those who engage in these activities without the use of force or fraud.

As we move up the ladder of control, families would be the next natural level.   Proceeding further, voluntary social organizations are a means for sharing risks.  

Today, government has transcended the role envisioned by our Founding Fathers.   The Government _ of the United States _ has become the United States Government.   They seek absolute control over individuals.  The spectre of DEA agents violating the territories of the Sovereign States is repugnant.

As Governor, I would seek to restore the Government of the United States to it's subserviant role to the Sovereign States, by exercising the jurisdictional power of the State.  I would further strive to restore local funding and control by eliminating State pilfering of property taxes under color of law.

I support Sunsetting of Laws which cannot muster Legislative support.  In a similar vein, I concur with the Little Hoover Commission regarding dissolution of Government Agencies which have outlived their usefulness, and would seek to streamline the convoluted process embodied in LAFCO's(Local Agency Formation Commission's).

In short, I seek to restore control of government to We the People.

Hickey for Governor - 243 Ferndale Way - Emerald Hills, CA 94062 ph 650-368-5722

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